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2019/02/04 I simultaneously hate that I carry residue of my brother’s DNA and think it’s super cool that I carry the residue of my sister’s DNA. These two facts sit in such opposition for me. What is true of one sibling, and somewhat thrilling, is also true of the other […]

What Just Happened

[This is the original version of the story I will be bringing to Monday’s meeting. 2600 words] WHAT JUST HAPPENED [original] Mystery novelist Marty Zimmerman sits slumped in his office chair staring at his laptop, willing something interesting to jump onto the screen spontaneously, because he feels himself unable to […]


They didn’t see it coming.  But then, does anybody? Life wasn’t perfect, their marriage wasn’t perfect, but as she passed Derek’s ‘office’ on her way to the hall closet to get her coat she glanced in and saw a sight that warmed her heart and brought a smile to her […]

Just Write

Have you ever noticed the pause that happens just before you start a story? If you write you know exactly what I mean. It’s that instant when you’re staring at a screen or down at a sheet of paper. Its blank and all you can think is, “Where do I […]