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Retired professional actor and playwright, now turning to writing short stories.

Shadow Man

Shadow Man The first time I saw him was in a mall, of all places. I don’t go to malls if I can help it, but it was Christmas and I happened to be working in Toronto at the time, so I headed to the Queen Street Mall — maybe […]

The Big Day

Earle came awake feeling like shit as usual.  Another lousy day of walking the streets, looking for work, panhandling for enough change for a bottle of rotgut, checking out the chicks … there was frost on the window again.  Wasn’t winter supposed to be over?  Christ.  He lay there for […]

Saturday Angel

I first see her crawling across the sand toward the water’s edge a game?  If so where are the others? Or if not what? a girl not a child crawling red shorts and a red T-shirt shiny black hair  curving in to end at her jawline crawling a few feet […]

What Just Happened

[This is the original version of the story I will be bringing to Monday’s meeting. 2600 words] WHAT JUST HAPPENED [original] Mystery novelist Marty Zimmerman sits slumped in his office chair staring at his laptop, willing something interesting to jump onto the screen spontaneously, because he feels himself unable to […]


They didn’t see it coming.  But then, does anybody? Life wasn’t perfect, their marriage wasn’t perfect, but as she passed Derek’s ‘office’ on her way to the hall closet to get her coat she glanced in and saw a sight that warmed her heart and brought a smile to her […]