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Have you ever noticed the pause that happens just before you start a story? If you write you know exactly what I mean. It’s that instant when you’re staring at a screen or down at a sheet of paper. Its blank and all you can think is, “Where do I start?” When all you really need to do is start. Just write.

Writing isn’t really rocket science. It’s just talking without opening your mouth. Like a conversation, it flows. It meanders. It becomes a river of spilled ink.

Given a chance, it will take you places just as much as any other life experience will. Somehow words transform themselves when they hit a page. That’s the magic of the experience. Once you start you can never be sure how its all going to end up. Sure it might feel like you just regurgitated a hairball; but there’s a good chance you’ll end up with something better than that.  At least you’ll always end up with more than you started with. You can always edit – later.

Almost guaranteed the more you write, the more you’ll want to write. Keep it to yourself or share it. Whatever you do with your words, at least once you’ve unleashed the hounds they will no longer be trapped in your head.

Just Write is all about unleashing the hounds. We are a group of novice, amateur and semi-pro writers who get together and write.

We meet every Monday afternoon at our public library in Gananoque, Ontario from 1-3pm. We come equipped with tools to wield our craft along with our attempts from a previous week’s writing challenge. It’s a congenial group. We can be a bit unruly at times, but I think writers are allowed to be.

We spend our first hour sharing what we wrote the previous week, then halfway through our meeting we throw down the gauntlet again with another 15-20 minute writing challenge and feverishly head to task. Its amazing how much you can write when you don’t think so hard about it and just, “Go!” It’s often harder to stop. After those stories are read and discussed the next week’s challenge is introduced along with new writing tips and ideas. Then we head home and ready ourselves for the next week.

The formula for our writers group is straight forward. We write. We read (if we want to). We talk. We laugh. We think. We amuse each other.

If you ever happen into our neighborhood and feel the urge to join us, just do. If you can’t make it to a meeting and still want to participate let me know. I’ll share our group challenges and we can arrange so you can you join us here online to share your stories.

Here’s to a world that’s Just Write.


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Pam Hudson

I am a passionate community advocate who takes every opportunity to find a good story, or make one.

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  1. I too, loved this! Writing is so rewarding and Just Write is just a great place to share. I also loved the picture that was used. I think it really does represent the emotions that you get when you write. You start at the base of the wave just like the blank computer screen. Then as your thoughts grow and the words in front of you, so does the wave until it crests and our words are complete. In the end your picture is finished and the only difference is you have painted yours with words.


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